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West Kowloon Ticketing Kiosk

Ticketing kiosk is mainly for ticket sale and ticket redemption. It shows the current and upcoming events of the Xiqu centre, supports bilingual introduction and provides audio guide for different communities. It also offers a wheel chair mode for the disadvantaged.

Client Wesk Kowloon Cultiral District Authority
Year 2018
Type Website
Role UI & UX design
Features Sale and redeem tickets
Browse show information
Digital signage
Animation of Each Step

In order to become user friendly, the steps of choosing date, time and zone are combining into one page which allows users to change their choices easily.

Yet, too many steps show simultaneously will make the users lose the focus. Therefore, the step that requires user to select was designed with an expansion animation. Also, the selected step will be shrank.

Visualization of Different Messages

Specific animations was designed to assist users to follow the instruction and acted as a reminder.
For instance, it helps them to know where the card should be placed when they are using payWave function.